Grahame Giles

Grahame Giles


Where were you born?
Hornsby Hospital, Sydney

What inspired you to join a band?
Phil handing me a demo he recorded in his bedroom and he gave me his drum kit, pretty sweet deal.

How do you know the rest of Disconnect?
Met Phil in high school and he introduced me to SpyvSpy and The Police. Because I was terrible at Maths and so was Phil we used to do an after school maths class. Phil had a walkman and we shared an earpiece each and spent the time listening to Regatta De Blanc.

I met Steve at a retail store we both worked at. He gave me guitar lessons in my parents garage but I was really crap at guitar.

First instrument Played?
My first instrument was the recorder in primary school.

Favourite gig you have attended?
I have seen so many great concerts, hundreds of them. The Police, Jeff Buckley, Midnight Oil, SpyvsSpy, A Tribe Called Quest, Chemical Brothers, Deftones, Refused, Beastie Boys all come to mind.

Funniest moment on stage?
Playing a gig in a pub and I got a bit carried away at the end of a song and jumped up punched a hole through the roof and bought down a large chunk of it on my head and the kit.