Phil Lambert

Phil Lambert

Bass / Vocals

Where were you born?
Liverpool Hospital, Sydney

What inspired you to join a band?
Listening to Spy Vs Spy AO Mod TV version and The Police Regatta de Blanc as a teenager. There is something about three piece bands, it’s that raw sound I think. My older brother also inspired me with his love for music. He always had something playing in the house.

How do you know the rest of Disconnect?
I met Grahame at High School. We became good friends and shared a love for bands. I met Steve through Grahame at the store they worked at. Grahame told me of this guy at work who was a great guitarist. We started playing a few gigs together after that.

First instrument Played?
I worked on a milk run when I was 14 and saved up to buy a drum kit. Got the beat in my head that never leaves, from that kit!!

Favourite gig you have attended?
The Police reunion tour. Amazing to see a band I grew up with and thought I’d never see play live. Grahame somehow got us tickets 4 rows from the stage, sitting next to Nicole Kidman. I still don’t know how he did that!

Funniest moment on stage?
We were playing a dodgy pub in Sydney on a Tuesday night I think. The crowd consisted of 2 drunk guys sitting at the bar. One of the guys pissed his pants half way through the set. Neither of them payed any attention to it and kept drinking. Not funny really, but damn it was funny!