Steve Tonge

Steve Tonge

Guitar / Backing Vocals

Where were you born?
Epping, Sydney nsw

What inspired you to join a band?
Went to a high school with a strong music department. There were lots of kids around playing in bands, a couple of successful ones too. The concept of playing guitar in a rock band appealed to me, it looked fun, so I had a go. 

How do you know the rest of Disconnect?
I worked in retail for a large period of time in my life. Graham and I worked together in that shop. I first met Phillip in that shop too.

First instrument Played?
My mother made me play piano at age 6 with my grandmother. I gave it away, regret.

Favourite gig you have attended?
I don’t have a particular favourite gig. I have been lucky enough to see many great artists do their thang over the years. It’s been a learning experience from all of them.

Funniest moment on stage?
I’m going to share my friends funny moment. 6 years ago a drummer friend of mine came down with food poisoning just before a gig. He tried to find a replacement but couldn’t because of the short notice, so he went and did the gig.

 It was a club gig, two 45 minute sets. He was going well until the 2nd song into the second set. He thought he’d sneak out a fart but unfortunately completely shat his pants. He had to play the rest of the 30 minute set sitting in his own shitty pants.

He said after about 5 minutes it started “it started to burn”. A short time later the keyboard player leaned over and asked “do you smell shit?” Gav had to tell him. Very funny moment.

 He got through the end of the set and “turfed” his pants. Rocking in the free world.